friends together after their parents paid their Auldern Academy tuitionAuldern Academy charges a monthly tuition rate that includes enrollment, parent coaching, therapies, school attendance and academic supplies, activities, experiential trips, and room and board. Should parents opt to prepay the first year, a 5% discount is applied.

At the time of enrollment, Auldern Academy requires the remainder of the first month at a prorated daily basis and the last month’s tuition as a deposit. Enrollments after the 15th of any given month will also include the next month’s tuition as part of the initial payment.

Monthly tuition does not include:

  • Sobriety education/coaching
  • Consulting psychiatrist
  • Medications, doctor’s appointments
  • Student allowance
  • Extra funds for outings, clothing, personal supplies
  • Additional transportation outside of regular transportation days

Tuition for our EDGE program covers room and board, life coaching, therapist check-ins as needed, some activities, and transportation to school and/or work.

Monthly EDGE tuition does not include:

  • College tuition
  • Books and supplies
  • Cell phone
  • Other transportation
  • Student allowances

Parents provide students with allowances for their use on off-campus activities or shopping excursions. This allowance should be $20-$40 per week, depending on what phase your daughter is in. Monthly allowances are NOT to exceed $150 per month except in cases where the parent has spoken with the Director of Student Life who justifies the need. All student monies should be provided on a debit/cash card with limited funding available. No open credit cards should be provided to the student.

Funding Assistance

Some of our families have utilized Prosper Healthcare Lending which helps with private school funding. They may be contacted at: 800-625-7412 and/or

For those seeking reimbursement for therapeutic care that has not been covered by your insurance company, we partner with On-Pulse, a company that helps families process claims.  They may be contacted at: and/or