girl smiling from a Psychiatric treatment centerAuldern Academy provides a beautiful and open campus, where guidance and supervision are continuously provided so that all students are safe and supported in their day to day activities. Our goal is to be present for our students, creating an environment where they can feel free to struggle and learn a new way of coping within themselves. We provide a safe place and clear boundaries, while working to emotionally attune with our students, valuing their every struggle and praising their every accomplishment.

Clinical Philosophy

We believe the therapeutic relationship is the most important factor in helping students overcome their struggles. Auldern places emphasis on the social, psychosocial, and educational development of the student; with the primary goal of successfully reintegrating the student back into the home, school, and community. We believe that positive family involvement is a critical factor in supporting and helping our students achieve their goals. We collectively have to build an environment that feels safe, positive, and affirming, so we can arm our students with a stronger sense of self and confidence.

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Academics & Education

Auldern Academy’s school operates like a community. Our classes are small, rarely exceeding eight students, allowing each student to enjoy a high level of interaction, communication, and one-on-one time with their teachers. This allows our students to delve into the curriculum at a deeper level and move through it at a more productive pace.

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Student Life

The Student Life Department cultivates a nurturing living and learning community where each student can grow and gain confidence in her unique gifts and abilities. When students engage in the Student Life program, they recognize their importance as individuals and develop a sense of purpose necessary to be confident, active, and courageous community members.

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