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Congratulations to Our New Governess!

The highest honor our students can give to each other is to elect a Governess from among our most responsible and hardest working students.  We held elections after a dynamic presentation from our two nominees, Mackenzie and Sophie. Both students were articulate and enthusiastic. They are also good friends with great respect for each other, so the camaraderie and examples they set for our newer students about friendly competition was inspiring.  While both would make a great Governess, only one could be elected for the top spot. The runner-up becomes the Vice-Governess, and she supports the work of the Governess.

Mackenzie has been with us for more than a year.  She is a junior, and has decided she wants to remain at Auldern Academy until she graduates high school.  She says that once she made this decision, she thought about how much she has received from Auldern—and this in turn made her realize how much she wants to give back.  This became her main reason for running for this office. While she knows it will be difficult at times balancing school, therapy, chores, and working with students and staff, she feels up to the challenge.  


Mackenzie looks forward to getting students more involved in the community and in acting for the good of the community.  She notes that the Student Government Association (SGA) has lots of great ideas—but students seem to use up that energy in meetings with the Academic Dean and the Executive Director.  She wants her peers to feel empowered to pursue ideas on their own and keep the discussion going once the time for clubs is over on Friday afternoon.

Mackenzie has many creative ideas.  One of the first things she plans to do is sit with different students at lunch every Wednesday.  She wants to find out what they are thinking, and she wants to hear how effective they believe SGA to be.  This will help her in encouraging participation in the many opportunities available here. She also hopes to plan more community activities, much like what occurs during the summer experiential trip but here on campus.  For example, Mackenzie thinks a soccer game between students and staff will help individuals bond—and it would just be a lot of fun. I agree!

Congratulations Mackenzie!  The community at Auldern Academy looks forward to helping you bring your ideas to fruition!  

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