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Our Clinical Programs

Individual Therapy
Auldern students attend individual therapy sessions with their assigned therapist a minimum of one time weekly. Our highly-trained and experienced clinicians use a variety of therapeutic modalities including but not limited to: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Insight-Oriented Therapy. Auldern therapists are actively involved in our students’ day-to-day lives, so it is common for students to “check in” with their therapist throughout the week, outside of their formal therapy session. Most girls come to Auldern acting out in unproductive, unhealthy, and detrimental ways yet they present as if they are in complete control. This acting out behavior is often an outward expression of inner struggles. In general, the focus of therapy is to help our students move from an external locus of control to an internal locus of control where they begin to take personal accountability for their past, present, and future behaviors.


Group Therapy
We offer a variety of group therapy sessions at Auldern, with most students attending three to five groups per week.

Groups offered at Auldern include:

Therapy Process Groups — Process groups are designed to provide a safe, non-judgmental trusting environment for the girls to share thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with each other while being guided by the therapist.

Topic Specific Groups – Topical group are offered on specific themes that are relevant to smaller subgroups of students. These groups give students the opportunity to discuss specific issues that they have with peers who have similar struggles. Common topical groups offered throughout the year include: adoption, healthy relationships and boundaries, healthy ways to deal with self- harm, developing healthy self-worth, body image issues, obsessive-compulsive and anxiety issues, grief and loss, emotional survival skills, and sobriety groups.

Experiential and Expressive Groups — Many girls benefit from therapeutic groups that engage their minds and bodies in more creative and active ways. We offer experiential and expressive groups that allow the girls to find healing, express feelings, and grow in their recovery. Common groups offered are expressive movement and dance, art, photography, bibliotherapy, adventure-based groups, and creative writing.

Sobriety and Self Help Groups — Many times adolescents use unhealthy coping skills to manage their uncomfortable internal experiences like depression, anxiety, distressing thoughts or memories. Dealing with these emotional states can lead to unhealthy way of coping. These patterns often take on a life of their own, at times, leading to drug use and addiction. Common addictive behaviors for girls are using drugs or alcohol, over eating or restricting food, sexual acting out, self-harm, and technology addiction. Auldern offers sobriety, support, and recovery groups throughout the week to address these issues and offer insight and healthy coping skills and strategies.

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