Our Campus

group of girls enjoying their student life programNestled in the North Carolina landscape, Auldern Academy provides a beautiful and open campus, where guidance and supervision are continuously provided so that all students are safe and supported in their day to day activities. We are less than an hour from both the Raleigh-Durham and Chapel Hill areas.

Our campus provides all the comforts of home. Most of our students and families find themselves feeling more comfortable and relaxed just stepping onto our campus, saying that our warmth is the first thing they experience. Our goal is to be present for our students, creating an environment where they can feel free to struggle and learn new ways of coping within themselves. We provide a safe place and clear boundaries, while working to emotionally attune with our students, valuing their every struggle and praising their every accomplishment.

Life at Auldern Academy

Sisterhood at Auldern Academy

We certainly aim to keep your daughter engaged and busy, and while our academic schedule alone could do that, it is not our only intent. There are many ways to keep busy at Auldern Academy.

Social connection and the Auldern Academy Sisterhood provide our students the opportunity to build and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships with other students on campus. The bonds they create with one another are formed as they share various experiences, adventures, tears, and laughter. They come to understand that true support isn’t always agreeing with others; it’s truly “having someone’s back,” watching over those you care for so they do what is best for themselves. This positivity is felt all over campus and is at the heart of our relational program.

Integrating Family

We encourage parents and family to visit campus, working with your daughter’s therapist to determine when a visit is appropriate.

We understand that the family relationship has often suffered and requires rebuilding and strengthening. Our students want to earn trust with their loved ones and we want to help both our students and their parents gain the skills to make this happen.

Activities and Clubs

Our activities and “clubs” reflect our students’ passions or interests. We may introduce them to fishing in our pond; they may introduce one of our staff to skate boarding. They may work on an art portfolio or their tennis backhand. They may discover they enjoy learning to knit or crochet. We are here to help them feel better about themselves and discover new interests, talents, and balance in their life. Our activities and clubs may include:

  • Painting, drawing, pottery
  • Dance, music, guitar, choir-talent shows
  • Yoga
  • Tennis, running, soccer, volleyball, basketball
  • Positivity outings
  • Concerts/plays/theater
  • Spa and game nights
  • Knitting, crochet, sewing