two women discussing Auldern Academy Referrals Auldern Academy has an open enrollment process, accepting students for admission year-round. Our multi-disciplinary admissions team reviews each student application and available testing to ensure that Auldern Academy is the right fit.

The following are general considerations for admission into this program:

  • Female, between the ages of 13-18 and has a full-scale IQ of 85 or above.
  • Demonstrates the need for a structured school and living environment and demonstrates difficulty maintaining stability and positive functionality in a community setting. The student requires 24-hour treatment and supervision in a safe, therapeutic environment.
  • Exhibits moderate mental, emotional or behavioral problems or needs, which cannot be adequately served or treated in the home or school environment.
  • Does not demonstrate psychotic or manic behaviors, which require a more structured setting such as acute care hospitalization.

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Documents Required for Enrollment

  • Complete Application for Admission
  • Psycho-educational testing or diagnostic reports during the last three years
  • School transcripts