happy student after submitting her Admissions ApplicationAuldern Academy wants to help you navigate the process of discovering the best therapeutic boarding school. We also understand that it feels like an overwhelming task. If your daughter is fully on board with her need for treatment and in a good state of mind for participating in the process, by all means include her in the decision as much as you and her therapist feel is right. This will give her a stake in her treatment, i.e. she will be invested in her own success. But don’t feel bad if she isn’t quite in that spot. Many of our students are not ready to participate in this decision for a number of reasons. Some may be coming directly from a wilderness program or an in-patient stay. We recognize that you know her best and you should make this tough decision for her at this time. Our experience proves that she can and will become just as invested in treatment once she feels better about herself.

Here’s how the admission process can work:


Step One: Contact Us.

View our website, talk with any referral source you may be using to guide you, like your educational consultant or your therapist. Call or email us and we will listen to your concerns and answer any questions you have. You may reach us by calling us as 919.837.2336 or contact us here.

Step Two: Fill Out an Application & Schedule a Visit.

You don’t have to visit the campus before enrolling your daughter, but we welcome you to do so. It gives you a chance to meet with key staff members who will be working with your daughter and with our students. Our students will tour you, so you can get the “full scoop” on Auldern Academy and a feel for how your daughter will fit in her home away from home.

Please fill out an application before your visit. This simply lets our multi-disciplinary team get to know your daughter a little better so we can address her specific needs with you. Along with the application, we like to receive a copy of any diagnostic testing and a recent school transcript, too, at this time.

Our admissions team will review this material and determine if your daughter is a good fit for us – and let you decide if Auldern Academy is a good fit for your daughter and family. This is critical for your daughter’s success and the partnership we will be creating during her stay with us.

See Admissions Application to send us your application.

Step Three: Gather Records & Complete Enrollment Packet

Once your daughter is accepted AND you have decided that Auldern Academy is the best place for your daughter, we will send you an enrollment packet with the necessary paperwork to have her join us on campus. This will also be a time where you will be gathering various records that we will need (testing/medical records, diagnostic testing, academic records, treatment notes). You will be working closely with the admissions team throughout this time, so they can help you handle all of this.

Step Four: Enrollment

You will work with the admissions department to schedule the timing of enrollment. We like to enroll students Monday through Thursday, but can make other arrangements if absolutely necessary. We will provide you with a list of appropriate clothing and other items along with the enrollment materials; this will also include items that are prohibited from campus.