girl benefiting from the Auldern Academy philosophy For over 15 years, Auldern Academy has provided a safe, healthy, and nurturing therapeutic and academic environment that fosters life-changing experiences for adolescent girls. We help our students heal, grow, and learn to develop and internalize the life skills and tools they’ll need to live emotionally healthy, productive, and resilient lives. We are passionate about our work with these young women because we want them to become passionate about themselves.

We have over 15 years of experience working with young women from all over the United States. As you will see, we are not a huge program, so we can be structured yet flexible to meet the individual needs of our students. Auldern Academy’s small size fosters a sense of belonging. It provides a more intimate, personalized living and learning environment for our students, as well as a cohesive vision among staff.

Our Approach Fits Our Students

The intimate, nurturing environment at Auldern Academy is designed to foster strong and powerful relationships that have the power to both educate and heal. Auldern Academy students quickly build healthy, lasting friendships with each other – even if they have struggled in this area before. They also develop supportive connections with faculty and staff members. Our campus is a warm, emotionally safe environment where students meet, with confidence, the challenges of both rigorous academics and social and family relationships.

Our programming consists of three overlapping pillars: the Clinical Department, the Academic Department, and the Student Life Department. This approach reflects our commitment to meeting all needs of the student – intellectual, emotional, and social.

Please visit each department on our website to learn more about them and how all three work together for our students.