About Auldern Academy

Auldern’s campus is a jewel, nestled in the North Carolina landscape outside the town of Siler City. We are near both the Raleigh-Durham (Research Triangle) and Chapel Hill areas, so our students get the best of both worlds – a country-like atmosphere of small-town life as well as the hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas that are full of museums, colleges, and universities, and industry. Most of our parents fly into the Raleigh-Durham airport when visiting, with just a short 45-minute drive to campus.

We treat girls with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • School Avoidance/Refusal
  • Opposition/Defiance
  • Lack of Impulse Control/Mood Instability
  • Trauma
  • Low self-esteem
  • Negative Peer Groups/Difficulty making or keeping friends

girls happy they learned about Auldern AcademyWhile we can always provide a more detailed list of the diagnoses our girls may present; what’s important is that we have over 20 years of experience working with young women from all over the United States. Additionally, we are not a huge program, so we can be structured, yet flexible to meet the individual needs of our girls. Auldern’s small size fosters a sense of belonging. It provides a more intimate, personalized living and learning environment, as well as a cohesive vision among staff.

Our Approach Fits Our Students

The intimate, nurturing environment at Auldern is designed to foster strong and powerful relationships that have the power to both educate and heal. Auldern girls quickly build healthy, lasting friendships with each other – even if they have struggled in this area before. They also develop supportive connections with faculty and staff members. Our campus is a warm, emotionally safe environment where students meet, with confidence, the challenges of rigorous academics, social and family relationships.

Our programming consists of three overlapping pillars: the Clinical Department, the Academic Department, and the Student Life Department. This approach reflects our commitment to meeting the needs of the whole student – intellectually, emotionally and socially.

Please visit each department on our website to learn more about them and how all three work together for our girls.


Auldern Academy admits qualified students without regard to race, color, creed, ethnic background, native origin or any specific handicap.

Accredited by:
SACS CASI, an accreditation division of AdvancED.

Founded in 1895, SACS CASI accredits over 13,000 schools and school systems throughout the United States and overseas. The vision of AdvancED is “dedicated to being the leader in advancing excellence in education worldwide so that every student is prepared for success in an ever-changing and diverse world.”

National Independent Private Schools Association (NIPSA)
The Mission of the National Independent Private School Association is to advocate for the interests of proprietary academic schools and the students and communities they serve. They are an accredited member of the National Council for Private School Accreditation.

Licensed by:
North Carolina Department of Education, Non-Public School Certification.

Therapeutic Certification by:
National Independent Private Schools Association (NIPSA) Level II

Approved by INS–SEVIS

Sequel was granted National Joint Commission Accreditation (effective 11/20/2019) after completing the organization’s pilot Behavioral Healthcare System Survey process – a method designed for evaluating provider systems with multiple service sites seeking accreditation.

Auldern Academy is proud to be a part of the Sequel family.

Sequel logoSequel Youth and Family Services is a privately owned company that develops and operates programs for people with behavioral, emotional, or physical challenges. Our mission is to prepare our clients to lead responsible and fulfilling lives by providing mentoring, education, and living support within a safe, structured, dynamic environment — whether on one of our campuses, in the community, or in their own homes.

We are passionate about what we do and delight in providing excellent programs that make permanent, positive changes in the lives of those we serve. Our programs are designed to equip our clients with the vision, motivation, life skills, education, and self-discipline necessary to lead a successful life.

We offer a broad continuum of treatment options for children, adolescents, and adults. Our options include long-term residential treatment, short-term impact programs, shelter care, therapeutic group homes, therapeutic foster care, community-based services, in-home services, and alternative education programs. Our populations include adjudicated delinquents, children with autism, and children, adolescents, and adults with physical disabilities or sexual, substance abuse, emotional, or conduct disorders.

Visit the Sequel company website here http://www.SequelYouthServices.com