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Semester Immersion Program

Auldern’s Semester Immersion Program addresses identified problems through a wide range of clinical, academic, and interpersonal services, as well as through education and training in basic life and social skills. Our services are provided by our multidisciplinary team through the formulation and implementation of a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan that is regularly reviewed and updated based upon the student’s overall progress in the program and her response to treatment.


Our Semester Immersion Program places emphasis on the social, psychosocial, and educational development of the student; with the primary goal of successfully reintegrating the student back into the home, school, and community. We believe that positive family involvement is a critical factor in supporting and helping our students achieve their goals, so not only do we encourage the family to be involved and participate in family therapy sessions, but we require it for this particular program.


  • Students enrolling in Auldern’s Immersion Program attend school Monday through Friday, and follow our typical academic calendar; which includes home visits and parent seminars/weekends.
  • Credit accrual is based on traditional Carnegie credits and students enrolled in this program may earn 1/2 credit in their 4 core classes and their 2 elective classes during their stay.
  • The Academic Program is accredited by AdvanEd and NIPSA (National Association of Private School Association).
  • Auldern Academy also has a certified Special Education teacher for students who need IEP support or any additional academic support deemed necessary by a psychological evaluation/academic testing and/or recommendation by the academic team and/or the student/family/referring professional.

Activities & Student Life

All activities offered to our year ’round students are also available for the Immersion students, such as tumbling, the RIIT program (Equine – Riding Instructors in Training), horseback riding, sports (dependent upon season and enrollment date), dance, yoga, digital photography, Zumba, guitar, piano, pottery, etc.

Additionally, we offer extensive and varied off-campus/weekend activities that are based on student preferences, like museums, historical sites, outdoor music/concert venues, movies, shopping, bowling/skating/skiing, community service projects, experiential trips, etc.

Post-Completion Support

Therapeutically, students receive individual, group, and family therapy sessions, and in addition to transition planning for continued success post-completion, students will also receive one month (additional sessions available for an added fee) of therapy phone and/or video calls with their Auldern therapist.

Discharge planning for students enrolled in the Semester Immersion Program begins at admission, including plans for reintegration back into their home, school and community. If discharge to a home is not an option, alternative placements are discussed and transition efforts are guided by our multidisciplinary team of professionals.

Program Admission Guidelines

Students admitted to the Semester Immersion Program must meet guidelines established by Auldern Academy. The following are general considerations for admission into this program:

  • The student is female and is between the ages of 13 and 18.
  • May or may not have the presence of a DSM-5 Axis I or Axis II diagnosis which indicates the presence of a mental health disorder, which is moderate in nature.
  • Demonstrates the need for a structured school and living environment and demonstrates difficulty maintaining stability and positive functionality in a community setting. The student requires 24-hour treatment and supervision in a safe, therapeutic environment.
  • Has a Full-scale I.Q. (WISC-R) of 80 or above.
  • Exhibits moderate mental, emotional or behavioral problems or needs, which cannot be adequately served or treated in the home or school environment.
  • Does not demonstrate psychotic or manic behaviors, which require a more structured setting such as acute care hospitalization.
  • Monthly tuition is $9,300 for the Semester Immersion Program
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