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Let Freedom Ring!

Auldern students get some time off, too, from all that hard work in school. At different times in their separate journeys, some students spend time spent off campus, while others may remain on campus. This can be hard for those who remain on campus during a holiday—so making things inspiring and fun is important for all of our students.

For those who joined our off campus activity, a night at the Durham Bull’s stadium watching the college teams for the USA and Japan was a blast. In addition to cheering for their favorite athletes, the girls were treated to a fireworks display. One of our students called the entire experience exciting!

Students who remained on campus also spent time outside enjoying the day. It was a hot day, so a little Slip and Slide went a long way to cooling things down! After plenty of “water sports” the girls enjoyed knocking down a piñata. They were treated to a barbecue outdoors hosted by our own Buck Wiley. Later, some of the girls watched a movie and made S’mores outside by the fire pit. One of our students said the movie was very good, another student enjoyed the piñata, and everyone enjoyed the snacks.

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