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Transitional Planning & Support

Transitions can be hard on both the student and the family, and we take this into account during the entire treatment process. The clinical team, in conjunction with the parents and the student, develop a treatment plan with goals that are influenced and guided by a vision of individualized, family-specific success. As treatment progresses, the treatment team modifies the transition plan to address the changes in future goals after Auldern.

At least three months before a student transitions out of Auldern, the student, family, and the treatment team are diligently working on all components of the transition plan to ensure a smooth transition from Auldern.

To ensure a smooth transition, Auldern provides guided support to students and their families to help them successfully transition to the next stage of their life after Auldern. The assigned therapist meets with parents during the last few months of treatment to discuss their hopes, plans, and potential barriers to overcome during the transition period. Additionally, we coordinate with the student, parents, educational consultants, and other outside supports to develop and implement all of the transition plans prior to the day of discharge.

We also offer a package of transitional services to students and their parents who would like additional support after discharge. These are provided through a separate agreement with the family and are provided at an additional charge. These services can include:

• Home Visits – The student’s Auldern therapist can arrange in-home sessions to meet with the student and family, to discuss transition plans and/or to meet with the student’s treatment team in the community.

• Aftercare Support — The therapist will coordinate up to 8 sessions that can be done via secure video or phone conference call. These sessions may be individual sessions with the student, with the parents, or with the family. The number of sessions can be increased, if needed, pending a continuation agreement with the parents.

• Available phone support to the student or family for at least two months after discharge. This time can be extended if needed pending a continuation agreement with the parents.


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