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Psychological Services and Outcome Evaluation

Auldern is proud to have Dr. Vito Guarnaccia as our consulting psychologist. He is a NC licensed psychologist with over 35 years of professional experience working with children and adolescents. He came to Auldern in 2006 and held the position of clinical director until 2013. as our consulting psychologist, Dr. Guarnaccia is on campus twice a week, and is available for phone consultations with staff, parents and educational consultants as needed.

While on campus, Dr. Guarnaccia provides individual case supervision with the clinical staff, he attends the clinical team meeting and participates in Auldern’s treatment team meeting, which includes the clinical staff, the academic dean, the executive director and members of the student live department.

Dr. Guarnaccia also provides staff training for all departments on a variety of clinical and educational topics relevant to their work with the students in the program.

Dr. Guarnaccia reviews and provides feedback on all clinical material provided on potential admissions, to help determine if Auldern is a good fit the girl being referred.

Dr. Guarnaccia also provides comprehensive psychological testing for students who may come into the program without a current assessment and when needed, he will evaluate students who may require updated testing.

Evaluating & Monitoring Our Effectiveness

In an effort to evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of our overall program on the emotional and behavioral growth of our students, Dr. Guarnaccia has established a treatment outcome assessment process using the Behavioral Assessment System for Children-Adolescent Self-Inventory (BASC-3). Students are evaluated when they enter the program and then every three months. The information obtained from the BASC-3 is used to not only evaluate a student’s progress, but to further pinpoint treatment goals, objectives and strategies

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