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Other Aspects of Clinical Services

Nursing, Psychiatric Services, Medical Care, and Medication Management

Soon after enrollment our Psychiatrist and Director of Nursing consult with the parents, meet with each student, and review medical histories including current prescriptions. If medications are suggested, they are ordered through our local pharmacy and given to the student with the nurse’s and designated staff’s supervision. Our psychiatrist will then meet with students on a monthly basis for follow up appointments and our nurse will give the parents updates and get consent for medication changes.
If a student is in need of other medications and medical attention, our nurse consults with the treating physician and the parent. They also coordinate provider appointments for medical, dental, and vision visits.

Treatment Team Meetings

The multidisciplinary treatment team includes the student, the parents, therapist, student life counselors, academic staff, administrative staff, school nurse, psychologist, psychiatrist, as well as parent-approved professionals from the community such as an educational consultant, licensed psychologist, therapist, sobriety counselor and psychiatrist.

Within 14 days of admission the assigned therapist will review the clinical assessments and documentation from the student’s previous treatment providers, consult with the education coordinator and the parents, and do an initial psychosocial assessment with the student to begin the process of developing the initial treatment plan. The Treatment Team will then meet with the student, family, and education coordinator (if available) and review the initial treatment plan goals.

Within 90 days of the start of the initial treatment plan the therapist will review the goals on the treatment plan with the student, the parents, the treatment team, and the education consultant. The treatment team will again meet with the student and their family together to review the plan making updates on the goals. This will be done every 90 days from this point forward.
The Treatment Team meets weekly to review initial and ongoing treatment plans and to review requests from the students to change levels or privileges.

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