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Family Program

Family therapy is an essential part of the therapeutic program at Auldern. We include our students’ families from the onset of their treatment, integrating the student’s extended support system in the therapy process.  It is eessential to help prepare the family to affirm and support the positive changes the student makes in treatment. Since nothing happens in a vacuum, family therapy helps other family members examine their own issues and problems.

Families come to us exhausted, having spent much of their emotional time and resources trying to support their daughters while their daughters have been living out of control and blaming everyone for their problems. Without adequate guidance, education and intervention, families tend to repeat dysfunctional, negative patterns of interaction that can interfere and disrupt the gains that have been made by the student throughout their journey at Auldern. Our desire is to work with families to help them move from a focus on change with only individual family members to a focus on change within the whole family system.

Our family program includes:

Family participation begins immediately upon admission. The assigned therapist meets with parents for an initial meeting during enrollment to orient the family and engage them in the process.

Weekly Family Therapy – We understand that family life as well as outside influences can take unexpected turns, and that family relationships can naturally weaken under stress. Weekly family therapy sessions start early in treatment and are an integral part of the treatment process at Auldern. Girls stay connected to their parents and siblings, with opportunities to repair and strengthen family bonds. If parents are not able to be physically present, the family therapy session is done either via secure video or teleconferencing.

Parent Education workshops are offered three times a year. Parents participate together in workshops and multifamily therapy sessions. After the parent workshops, if clinically appropriate, the parents have therapeutic visits or passes with their daughters.
Senior Seminar gives the parents of graduating seniors special support for this major transition.

Ongoing collaboration with the parents is critical to the success of each student. Apart from the family sessions, this is done through check in calls between the student’s therapist and her parents to discuss intervention strategies that the parents can practice, as well as to update them on their daughter’s progress.

On and off site therapeutic visits are coordinated with the parents and the clinical team to provide opportunities for the family to practice the new skills they have learned in family therapy.

Therapeutic passes off campus to local areas and/or home are coordinated with the clinical team to give families the opportunity to spend meaningful time together and prepare for reintegration back into the home environment and community.

As a unique way to provide additional support to parents, Auldern has enlisted the services of professional parent coaches. The parent coaching team is comprised of experienced, highly trained and certified parent coaches who are dedicated to partnering with our parents to provide them with ongoing parent-training and parenting skill development. With over 100 years combined experience, our coaches are well positioned to support families struggling with a myriad of issues and pride themselves on offering highly personalized parenting solutions. A parent coach is assigned to each family upon admission. Each family has available to them at least 10 sessions with their parent coach. For more information, follow this link to Parent Coach Professionals.

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