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Our Mission
The mission of Auldern Academy is to provide a safe, healthy, and nurturing therapeutic and academic environment that helps adolescent girls heal, grow and learn to develop and internalize the life skills and tools needed to live emotionally healthy, productive and resilient lives.

The Auldern Creed

We believe….
We believe that every person, regardless of age, social standing, sex, education, or race, is a
person worthy or respect, and whose dignity as a human being should be considered at all times.
We believe that every child placed in our care deserves to be treated with respect and dignity and has a goodness and strength to be found, regardless of the problems or unacceptable behavior.
We believe that the physical and emotional health of our students is paramount. In no case should they be subjected to undue risk or emotional damage because of our actions.
We believe in discipline based upon love and care, and that decisions affecting those in our
care should never be made in anger or haste.
We believe that growth and maturation comes by doing, and our students should be given the opportunity to develop autonomy and resiliency by doing for themselves rather than having others do for them.
We believe that each person involved in our treatment program, be they parent, child, social
workers, probation officer, counselor, or friend is a part of a cooperative team, and that little can
be accomplished without the valuable contribution of each team member.
We believe in truth, whatever the potential for embarrassment.
We believe in fairness, knowing that decisions are never perceived as fair to all people all the time.
We believe in building bridges, rather that burning, developing friendships based upon understanding and care for others.
We believe in goals, and commitment; for without them our lives are undisciplined and non-directed.


Clinical Philosophy

At Auldern, we believe the therapeutic relationship is the most important factor in helping students overcome their presenting problems. This therapeutic relationship isn’t confined to what goes on between your daughter and her therapist alone. We define it as the collaborative relationship between parents, their students and staff. To gain a real understanding of your daughter and successfully influence change, our therapists, teachers, student life coaches, administration, cooks and maintenance crew – everyone – has to help create a therapeutic milieu that supports your daughter in every aspect of her life. We have to work synergistically to create a safe environment where we can address emotional, psychological, social and educational needs of the entire community.


We have a lot to do. Auldern students have been struggling, after all, to live safely and productively at home. Synergistic family involvement is critical to the success of our girls. Our entire community works together to encourage and support the development of integrity, character, self-respect, autonomy, self-efficacy, maturity, resiliency, and healthy decision making. We ALL have to build an environment that feels safe, positive and affirming, so we can arm our students – your daughters – with a stronger sense of self and confidence.

Our therapists are at the core of creating strong, genuine therapeutic relationships, guiding all of us in our understanding of your daughter and her needs. Their therapeutic alliances empower our students with the skills necessary to recognize and create healthy coping and emotional regulation skills. Their example helps students develop healthy and positive relationships. This doesn’t happen overnight, of course, and the “progress” may come in spurts, but the trust that is built with their therapists facilitates the beginning of healing. We reach out to the parents to engage them as a central part of the treatment process.

When clinically appropriate, our therapists will best treatment models to help the girls address their clinical needs. This might include DBT, EMDR, trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy, etc.

Auldern Academy
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Phone: (919) 837-2336