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5-Day Boarding Program

Auldern’s 5-day Boarding Program assures that students engage in every aspect of the regular Auldern program, which includes academics, therapeutics, parent workshops, and ancillary activities, while still having the opportunity to go home on the weekends to spend quality time with their family and in their communities.

Weekends at home are completely optional; students who wish to stay on-campus for a weekend due to off-campus activities are welcome to do so at an additional cost. Weekend stays may be recommended by the treatment team due to therapeutic or academic necessity. This is an advantage that we believe is critical to students’ growth as individuals and within their family system. It is also a vital benefit to our students and families when planning for their eventual transition back into the home, school and community.

Students may be picked up at 3:00 PM on Friday afternoons and are expected to return by 6:00 PM on Sunday evenings. Any deviance from this schedule must be approved by the Auldern Treatment Team in advance.

Students admitted to the 5- Boarding Program must meet guidelines established by Auldern Academy. The following are general considerations for admission into this program:

  • The student is female and is between the ages of 13 and 18.
  • May or may not have the presence of a DSM-5 Axis I or Axis II diagnosis which indicates the presence of a mental health disorder, which is moderate in nature.
  • Demonstrates the need for a structured school and living environment and demonstrates mild difficulty maintaining stability and positive functionality in a community setting. The student requires ongoing treatment in a safe, therapeutic environment but has demonstrated the ability to safely reintegrate into the home and community setting on a regular but short-term basis.
  • Has a Full-scale I.Q. (WISC-R) of 80 or above.
  • Exhibits moderate mental, emotional or behavioral problems or needs, however, the student exhibits the consistent ability to regulate emotions, as well as exercise independent and responsible decision making outside of a therapeutic environment for sustained periods of time with guidance, supervision and support.
  • Does not demonstrate psychotic or manic behaviors, which require a more structured setting such as a 24-7 residential program or acute care hospitalization.
  • Tuition for the 5-day Boarding Program is $6,400 per month. Any weekend stays will incur an ancillary charge in addition to this tuition.
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