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Preparation for True Academic Success – What We Know & Accomplish

One of the first places that you might have noticed your daughter struggling in her life might have been at school. She is bright and capable, but struggles to get things in on time or to organize her time so she can even hope to get things done. She doesn’t like to reveal her learning challenges. Perhaps she has experienced some bulling around that fact, so she has stopped working or shut down, getting further behind so that her actions shout “why bother anymore?”

Your daughter doesn’t seem to have any friends from school or she’s getting “in” with the wrong crowd. For a capable student, her self-worth is plummeting because something, maybe many things, are “off” at school. Or she is such a perfectionist that school, with all its requirements, is crippling her. She’s frustrated and your home front catches the brunt of her anxieties. How do you cope – let alone truly support – a young woman who is so lost, frustrated, alone and emotionally troubled when it comes to her academic success?

Our School Community

You begin with excellent, proven faculty who have years of experience working with girls just like your daughter. They understand and appreciate that many of Auldern’s students have had negative academic experiences. They make it their mission to turn around the negative attitudes and outlooks. Auldern faculty work with your daughter’s natural curiosity to instill a life-long love for learning.

How do we do this? Auldern’s school operates like a community and not an institution. Our classes are small, rarely exceeding eight girls, so girls enjoy a high level of interaction, communication, and one-on-one time with her teachers. Our students can delve into the curriculum at a deeper level and move through it at a more productive pace because of these small classes.

This smaller classroom community is equally beneficial from a social standpoint – fewer students make class participation and engagement invevitable – and usually less intimidating. Our passions are palpable, so girls experience the joy of truly making a course’s subject their own. We celebrate the different ways people learn – so no one has to feel any embarrassment when they need an approach that’s a little different. In fact, our teachers embrace the challenge of designing projects and assignments that use all the different skills our girls demonstrate.

Personal Faculty Advisor

A personal faculty advisor is assigned to each student and assists with her overall academic planning. This advisor communicates with parents, staff, and referring professionals about the student’s progress. This advisor models self-advocacy, a highly necessary skill for college success.

Auldern strives for 100% college acceptance of our students, having enjoyed this for several years now. We help girls prepare to take the ACT and SAT tests, apply to schools (working with their educational consultant, if appropriate). Sometimes, college may not be the right route for one of our girls, but then we prepare them to succeed by getting career certifications, etc.

Support Built In

We offer a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum along with the special education support some of our students need. We help them learn the “nuts and bolts” of that curriculum. We also help them learn how to organize academic tasks as well as their social lives. We want them to be able to have a balanced life, with good friendships, in college and beyond. Writing well on assigned topics and turning assignments in on time are paramount skills for college, just as negotiating with a professor for an extension or to make certain they are getting their necessary accommodations within the classroom are, too.

We know what you know to be true for your daughters: true academic success reflects true life success; it can only happen when students have cognitive and emotional skills that they can fully integrate into their studies and school environments.


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