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Who am I? Where do I fit? Who else is like me? Who will like me just for being me?

Auldern can help you find your answers. We KNOW this because Auldern has worked with girls like you for over 15 years and we are passionate about helping you – just the way your are!

Our goal is not only to help you grow emotionally and academically, but also culturally and socially. We want you to feel prepared for the rest of your life – on every level. We believe that helping you make friends, build healthy relationships and learn to adapt will prepare you for whatever life throws at you.

Our campus is warm and beautiful. Our new students tell us it helps them feel “at ease.” When you arrive on campus, your “Big Sister” will help you settle into your room, orient you to school and introduce you to the activities on campus. She will be the first of many friends. Our students say it doesn’t take long to feel that Auldern is your home away from home.

You’ll soon see that we mean it at Auldern when we say every person has a place. Whether you are interested in the arts or athletics, technology or quiet pursuits, you will find something that suits you here. Our Student Life Department dedicates its energies to keeping you engaged, engrossed and learning. We make frequent trips to area festivals, sporting events, live performances, museums and shopping centers. Everyone becomes involved in the local community, lending your gifts to others through our Community Service program.

At Auldern, you will discover who you are and who you want to become. Your journey is about learning to live a healthy and productive life. Our goal is to help you do that!

Auldern Academy
990 Glovers Grove Church Road
Siler City, NC 27344
Phone: (919) 837-2336